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See now this is how we spend our black fridays. We did our shopping early and braved the sales at Toys R Us then hit Walmart at 2am and then came back at 5am then hit Game Stop! Ha! Came home and slept a few hours and went to the early bird showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Amazing movie!!!! I'm a huge fan of the books. I'm usually the one in the theatre saying how much I dislike the new Dumbledore. I really miss Richard Harris. Or how they screw up the storyline and leave important parts out. Yep that'd be me. But this movie was perfect. Well except for the Harry and Hermoine kissing scene. Seriously don't remember that in the book. But all in all a really great movie. Yep I was crying from the beginning. There will never be another series that can stand up to these books. I found it kinda fun that everyone in the theatre were adults. I love that. If you've not seen this movie please do. You will enjoy it immensely. If you've never read the books...shame on you. They are amazing and will have you hooked for life. Out of all the frenzy of black friday this movie made it all worth it.
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