You know you're from JC when...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 10:30 PM Posted by simplyamberl
(Borrowed from my friend JC)

Your goal in life is to get out of here.Your Friday/Saturday nights consist of eating out and driving up and down Roan street (and you look around at the license plates and realize that there are more people from surround counties ie. Carter, Unicoi, Hampton, Sullivan. etc. (wow))You know everything about a lot of people before you've even met them.The highlight of going to the mall is AF AE or Hollister.Whenever you go out you see someone you know….most of the time you're related to them.You remember it being so awesome when we got a starbucks (that gets us up to 1 and ½ now counting the cafĂ© in B&N).You actually have gone to Oklona Rd. (or rather "the haunted exit") and turned off your car.You have dedicated much of your life to supporting Pal's. A twenty minute drive in traffic is a LONG time.You are willing to drive 30 min. to eat the best BBQ in the world—Ridgewood.You remember before you could drive when it was so awesome to go to the mall and walk to Carmike afterwards.Third grade field trip included Roan Mountain, Rocky Mount, or maybe even Dollywood.You remember when they had that awesome animated dinosaur in the mall (and a putt putt course with the remote controlled boats).You remember life without Chilis.Your parents most likely work at the JCMC, ETSU, Eastman Chem., or NFS.You regularly attended the "Musket Bowl" (Boone vs. Crockett) just to see the country boys raise some hell.You saw Louis Vuitton bags about 2 years after they became super popular—and most of them were fake.You think paying more than 2 dollars for gas is ridiculous.You played on those rocks at the VA when you were a kid.You have always wanted to (or actually have) driven your car on those tracks off the road behind the movies.When out-of-towners ask if we have a Publix and you say "Huh?"When you resorted to screwing around in Wal-Mart because driving and watching movies/going to the mall got old.Evian water was for the "rich" people.You know exactly who Steve Grindstaff is and saw his strange wedding on tv.You know why this is funny: "The fish are always biting at the Harbor Hous…T"You were freakin' jealous when you heard of Unicoi County getting out for snow everyday and for the Apple Festival (come on, now).You can remember when we had a Putt-Putt and a Laser Storm….and they closed it down.It takes you less than 1 min. to drive through "downtown."The projects are really decent apartments.Your parents have probably lived here most of their life (like you).The driving course at the DMV consisted of driving about a mile down the road and back (with no parallel parking).You've always secretly wanted to go to Aunt B's.You know to not drive on race weekend.You take pride in the fact that Kenny Chesney went to ETSU (even though he didn't stay there).You think the Carnegie is "like the best hotel ever."The best parties were in the field.You roll your eyes when you remember it's Storytelling Weekend in Jonesborough.You are deprived of only one major chain restaurant….TGI Fridays.You remember when they found the decapitated head in Boone lake…and you still went wakeboarding anyway.Senior trip was assumed to take place in Myrtle Beach.You get offended when people say they don't like Sweet Tea or corn bread and soup beans (even though i don't like those beans myself).You remember all of those annoying "We Need Wellmont" signs.It kinda made you mad when they cut down those 1000 year old trees across from JCMC.You have drive to Asheville or Knoxville to do some decent shopping.You went to the Magical Night of Giving actually thinking you might win the car.Getting drunk and sitting in traffic for 3 hours to see the fireworks on July 4 (and seeing everyone you know).You are so sick of seeing those people dressed like lady liberty that stand on the side of the road waiving at you.You are for real ready for some good radio stations.You spend thousands of dollars pimping out your '97 civic so you can roll down N. Roan Street.Hands On! Museum was the shit back in the are friends with danny from the mallyou enjoy the ridiculousness of the Elite Ladies show on the local channelyou party it up at PR's on Thursday!You attend the movies at the lake every June....and once again see everyone you know. You were so stoked when they opened the new Wal-Mart in J-boro (even though the one in JC still stays busy)You've had some deep conversations on the Barnes and Noble PatioYou've ridden the saddle at Texas Roadhouse on your birthdayYou heard all about the mancave and hopefully don't know someone involved in it.You went to the Peerless before prom (yeah, that's original)Shamrock tobacco shop is pretty flippin sweet.You get a little tingle of excitement when you hear that we might be getting a super target.Sonny's Marina in the summer is just a given. You thought the "Save Our Summer" signs were pretty gayYou have always wondered why the hell is the BMW/Mercedes dealership is in Kingsport.You were totally "the first" to think that the old Ride Revolution building would be the best club. if you know who mary the elephant is. and why it's important and you shake your head and roll your eyesYeah blah blah blah speedway in lights. whatever.Congratulations. You're from JC, but you still have nothing to do. Cheers to everyoneCiao, Amber

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